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When I began this journey of creating The Intrepid Misadventurer, I decided, rather naiively, as is me, to not want to read up on “The Ten Things you must know before making a blog”, or what to write about, what sells, or how you’re guaranteed 30-70 hits a day, blah, bleugh! I wanted it to be an immediately self-related space that didn’t borrow or link with a larger, more commercialized culture.

I did however manage to come across some material, courtesy some well meaning friends who probably know me a little too well and know that I have a larger than optimum need for instant gratification. I’m a short-term person, who thankfully married, and surrounded herself with some invaluable long-term ones! I’m often content with the Small-Picture, the now, the today, the weekend at best 😛 Future considerations tend to fill me with dread, and skepticism. It’s too unknown, too uncertain, too filled with what researchers grimly term, ‘variables’! If something works for now, I’m game. Of course, not being a habitual risk-taker and having a rather strong head screwed on, helps me not having self destructed already.

Reading about the time frames for a blog to actually make it beyond the confines of your own personal Facebook friends, I realised that normal precluded those who weren’t in the Gossip or Celebrity Trivia business, or those who weren’t the kind benefactors of the multifarious Facebook pages that feature the misfortune of a little child who would be miraculously healed by a billion likes, or a helpless father whose motivation to quit smoking is directly proportional to the likes his teary eyed daughter garners for him!!

The article mentioned an average of six months, or more, if you launch your site in the Holidays, and worse if it features nothing about how to expertly bake cookies in under 8 minutes or craft with left-over pressurized fake-snow! It urged the blogger to keep going, writing, speaking to his/her desired demographic regardless of feedback, even if not a single person responded! Filled me with dread that there are people out there who wouldn’t have two well meaning friends who might log in to egg them on….the true state of human relationships! I silently gave thanks that I might just be spared THAT! Though some of my relationships bleakly resemble the script of Mary and Max (2009), even if the story actually made it to Sundance!!

So there, I’ve decided to embark on this journey, and committed to accept the paradigm shift that one must continue talking, writing, putting their thoughts out there, even if no one seems to be listening…and that’s it’s still considered an act of a committed, passionate and motivated person. No longer the exclusive purview of the decidedly deranged! J

If you come back to this space in 6 months (or be really nice and never leave), and find me jauntily discussing why summer is highly overrated and commoditized, and that man’s victory over the harsher cold is what we must be truly thankful for, then I’ve won that Battle-against-the Blog. It would be one of my worthier battles, I’ll tell you that, I fight at least two everyday!! One has to do with the cookie jar, the other, the tips of my fingers, and then there’s the family…and saving the donkeys!! And if I’m still chugging along, give yourself a nice big pat, you might have had something to do with it! XXX


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