We are away in slightly sunnier Italy! :)

We are away in slightly sunnier Italy! :)


Italy, postcardm out of office

We are away in Rome and Florence for a week so I’ll get back to all your lovely comments when I’m back! :) I’m looking forward to the downtime and a total break from the internet (You know how we bloggers get sucked into Social Media overindulgence!:P) . It’s going to be all about the sights, the food and drink and having some quality time with the family! :) I’m also dead excited about the phenomenal photo opportunities that I’ll have-I do love my camera! So, there’ll be a travel post and loads of pics on here over the next few weeks, do check back in! :)

See you shortly, please do stay and look through some of my popular posts and if you’d take a moment click here and nominate me for the MAD Blog awards, I would be chuffed beyond words, Thank you!  :)

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Would you like to nominate me for the MAD Blog awards? :)

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  1. I just LOVE your pictures. I have always wanted to travel and it hasn’t been an option yet. I can’t wait to see some of these places, one day :)

    I nominated your beautiful blog for the Liebster Award–

  2. Intrepid Misadventurer says:

    Thanks Sarah, for stopping by and liking what you saw and the nomination! Will check it out asap :) x

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