“A Walk in the Clouds!” – Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland!

My earliest association with Austria would have to be The Sound of Music, so in my imagination it’s always been Fräulein Maria and  “♫ The Hills are alive….♫” and you know what – they really are! 😉
Being loved changes your eyes, and your eyes change the way you experience the world! That sentiment underscores every last experience we’ve had on our family road-trip across four countries – Germany (ok, just Munich and a few highway towns) Austria, Leichstentstein and Switzerland.
As I write this post, I’m filled with emotion, experience and a restlessness that seems to have followed me my entire life. The sort that I know won’t die down given time! The need to find home, to nest, to find my “space” has been at the heart of my every creative act as I’ve tried to appreciate the magnificence of being alive! Maybe it stems from the fact that I’ve lost a lot in my life, and I’ve lost it young… I was 17 when I tragically lost my parents and since then, I’ve stopped taking life for granted. I believe that our daily lives are worth celebrating, that there is indeed beauty and a sense of wonder that goes deeper than the clichés that shroud their discovery. (And no-I don’t mean going through life in a state of some unfounded, giddy euphoria!)

There was a strange intimidation as I came face to face with mountains that are millions of years old, of lakes that date back to prehistoric times – an overarching sentiment that populates every spiritual belief system; a sense of being face-to-face with something far greater and immeasurably more vast than yourself, glimpsing the essence of reality and being overwhelmed by it. For that brief spell, the ‘fret of life’ seemed lost! I realise that I’m neither the first nor the last to feel this way, to realise or revel in the fact that there is a harmony in everything – that I, like them are in part sulphur and selenium, manganese and magnesium!  That if anything, I am but one tiny stitch linking all those eons to now! I thought a thousand thoughts as I approached the silence of the mountains, bathed in the lightness of misty clouds and carrying a thousand dreams that’ll stay with me, somewhere deep where my meanings are!
I once asked my mother what she might’ve done if she had a chance at another life, (mind you, this was a conversation we had post “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey!”) “Travel the world”, she said! To a teenager, that just seemed ‘meh’, but as an adult, it brings me a quiet joy that in many ways, I’ve lived a little bit of her dreams for her with her grandchildren!
I’ve been reminded this is a travel post, not philosophy, so “let’s start at the very beginning…” (If you don’t like clichés from The Sound of Music, you’re clearly in the wrong place ;))
We started Austria off at Salzburg, which is a lovely little city with some seriously gorgeous Baroque architecture. I didn’t get a good vantage point to photograph it so decided against using my camera whilst we had a look around, I thought my images took away rather than added to what was on offer there. (I nerd out on stuff like that and felt similarly in beautiful Vienna, it’s too busy to be able to photograph there…)

Salzburg is Mozart’s birthplace so if you’re a fan, there’s endless opportnity to delve deeper into him! We took the opportunity to go up to Hallstatt, to the Salt Mines that date back to 4500BcE and explore the villages of the Salzkammergut region.

47.5558° N, 13.6467° E

Hallstatt, Austria


travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains
Cable cars taking us 1700 feet up to the prehistoric salt mines in Hallstatt!
travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains
A pic going up 😉

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains
Hallstatt Lake from an 1700 feet elevation


The village of Hallstatt, phtographed from an elevation of 1,700 feet!
The village of Hallstatt, phtographed from an elevation of 1,700 feet!


The village of Hallstatt, phtographed from an elevation of 1,700 feet!
The village of Hallstatt, phtographed from an elevation of 1,700 feet!
travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains
Water pools inside the oldest salt caves in the world. Dating back to 4500 BCE.
travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains
Rayna and a pillar of calcified salt!
travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains
The villages of the Salzkammergut
travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains
The villages of the Salzkammergut
travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains
The villages of the Salzkammergut

The one thing I regret not being able to see in Salzburg is a performance of  “The Magic Flute” at The Salzburg Marionette Theatre. They were also performing Alice in Wonderland, but sadly, no shows on the two days we spent there. I know that I’ll return to that part of the world and this will definitely be a part of the agenda for then.
Following that we went up to the Austrian Lake District which is easily and really quite awesomely accessible via some seriously cool cable cars! 🙂

47.3997° N, 10.9167° E

Ehrwald, Austria

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains
Going up to Ehrwald, Austria’s Lake District!
travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains
Apres Ski Lounge at Ehrwald.

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains

The Alm Ehrwalder was a lovely restaurant that stocked authentic beers from the region and locally produced fare – some apparently sourced from the fields up there! It was idyllic- cows grazing unfettered, the sound of the alpine breeze rifling through the thin metal of carefully crafted cowbells. The stuff of dreams, really…

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains
Almsee, this lake was ours for all the time we were there…unbelievable beauty, no picture can do the experience any justice!

One of my most breathtaking moments was walking up to the lakes of Almsee and Seebensee. The clean, clear mountain air, the smell of the tress, the hum of crickets and the stillness of the very blue waters is something that I can’t describe in words. These pictures are but dim shadows of the reality of that pristine beauty! It’s the kind of beauty that blindsides you from every conditioning!  I stood there, far away from my family with tears in my eyes, not being an ‘adult’, not being ‘in-control’, not feeling like I had it ‘all together’. I stood there thinking “this cannot be real, this cannot be happening to us…this couldn’t really be as beautiful as it is!” We were alone here…just us, we owned this space, we paddled here, my children fed and quacked at these ducks. I watched them from the opposite side of the lake, watched them purposefully walk out to kill snails and bugs and drag them mercilessly back to the waters to their young. I took in the noiselessness of that violence. The method. The beauty of the recurrent routines of nature!

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains

 47.3833° N, 10.8928° E

Biberwier, Austria

We stayed at the very traditional Gästehaus Panorama in Tiroler Zugspitzarena, run by the lovely Renate and Sepp Schönherr. I cannot recommend this place enough! Not only was Renate the most hospitable she could be, she went out of her way to ensure that we were comfortable and that our stay in Biberwier, Tirol was nothing short of extraordinary! We had a language barrier despite which she understood that we didn’t wish to see the tourist-intensive spots in the valley. I wanted to have an authentic Austrian experience, I wanted to go where locals go, eat what they eat! I was bored of the tourist menus which had a couple of sausages and a few local ales. I wanted the real deal…the “Jägermeister” fare (that’s master hunter, by the way!;)) Renate asked me if I was ready for horse, rabbit, venison, wild boar? We didn’t need language to confirm that I was game (excuse the pun, sometimes I just can’t help myself ;)), so she promised to arrange with her friends who ran an apres ski lodge for locals, no tourists went there for it was deep within the woodlands. We couldn’t drive up there, she’d have to arrange for us to be picked up and dropped off. I must admit I felt a bit apprehensive at the entire proposition- all a bit too Brothers Grimm, to be honest, replete with woodland trickeries…but you had to meet Renate to know you were in good, authentic Austrian hands. 😉 So we dressed up, got our cameras in form, counted our Euros (mind you, we weren’t told what we could expect in terms of a bill and it was cash only), and we waited. The air thick with anticipation and a degree of apprehension. An acute awareness of the varying shades of brown the 4 out of the 5 of us were ;P The drive was long and through some harsh terrain. Light from a setting sun filtering into our 4×4 as we went higher and higher into the Tirol mountains until we reached a clearing that we honestly wouldn’t have made on our own.


travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains, beer

Enter Renate’s friend Frau Marie, from the Waldhaus! Bear skins on the wall, heads of what must’ve been yesterday’s dinner waiting to be stuffed/embalmed/Idon’tknowwhat –the entire spread 😉 I kid you not, she was the most hospitable and warm person I’ve ever met. We were there on personal recommendation and were her guests!  The guesthouse had a  few Germans, who again contrary to popular (and unwarranted) perception, were kind enough to translate some of the menu for us, chatted amiably and made very sure that the children had every freedom to be just that-children! I was a proud mama that day because my girls were immaculately behaved. I blame the bear skins on the wall…subliminal cues, I’m sure! 😉 Frau Marie made sure we ate well, and ate what the locals made at home! She invited me to come look how she made things if I fancied…We spent hours here, chatting with the locals, eating, drinking, letting the children get involved with children on the next table who now live in the Netherlands . It felt like home!

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains, lonely planet, apres ski
Marie at the bar….

This is what we had :

Top row : Jaegerschnitzel with Spaetzle. (This one is with wild boar). Apfelstrudel with Vanillesauce.

Middle row : Trio Knödelteller (Speck, Leber, Kaseknödel) on a bed of Sauerkraut. Apparently, the leber (liver) was horse! Topfenstrudel with Vanillesauce.

Bottom row : Schweinebraten with Knödel and Sauerkraut. Salted Pretzel and an Alcoholfri Beer for me 😉

We heartily recommend it all! It was sublime…


47.1410° N, 9.5210° E


Just before we entered Switzerland, we thought we’d have a look at Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein and some surrounding villages. The villages had a very similar feel to Switzerland (given that you step into Liechtenstein just as you step out! Wish I had come up with that clever sentence, but tsk…it’s a local saying!) Vaduz had a distinct postmodern air to it. Known as their prized “Städtle” – a tiny town, we thought this might be the one-stop destination for everything from modern art and historical collections to outdoor cafés, restaurants and boutiques. I wouldn’t plan on stopping here a long while, but it’s nice for a little fly-by, and to stock up on a few “city things” you might need. There’s a lot of cultural stuff on offer, we went during the Vaduz Film Festival and had Ilo, Ilo playing on the day of our visit. The entire area is mostly pedestrianised and closed to cars…great for when you have children who need to run about and stretch their legs.

The very distinctly postmodern Vaduz, Leichtenstein


 47.1833° N, 9.2833° E

Alt St. Johann Switzerland

Switzerland is beautiful–Fact! But when you do it after being in the encompassing mountains of Austria, it feels just a bit underwhelming! Who would’ve thought?! 😉 Nonetheless, there were several fabulous things we did that made it very, very special!

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains


For starters, we had an amazing holiday home – all wood and extremely modern! Kitted out with a sauna, a fabulous garden with vines wrapped around trees and gazebos and a fully equipped stable with three ponies. The bathroom had no doors – took me about a day to just get used to that, though it was a point of great hilarity for the children, especially when one of us needed to bathe! 😉 A nice bean-to-cup machine and a fully stocked refrigerator gave it a very homely feel. Esther, who owned it was more of a friend that ‘landlady’, so much so that the highlight of the children’s morning was meeting Esther! She’d show them around the stables where they could feed the horses and play…something that sat very well indeed with Rahel! It made the holiday really, really special…

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains
Rahel and Balios, our preferred pony  during our stay in St.. Gallen!
Horse, rider, swiss, mountains
A big thank you to Esther and her babies….

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains
How I longed to actually go sight-seeing on this! ;P
travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains
Outside our holiday home in Switzerland

47.0333° N, 9.4333° E

Sargans, Switzerland

We actually managed to go up to Alt St. Johann, the highest village in Switzerland and enjoyed some great Swiss food up there…lovely locals at the restaurant who told us about what we should try, I think I’m a fan of the Swiss röschti forever after that! And when they talk about Frische fruit up there, take them up on it 😉 Fruit never tasted so good! I felt like a rabid “locavore” after that…

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains

Another nice place to go is the Bahnhöfli Golfplatz in St. Gallen. Great food, and a lovely ambience…plus, if golf is your thing, that’s where you want to be! 🙂

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains

A flowerless home will always seem lacking after this 🙂 Fresh delivery of flowers to the hotel! The horse is off grazing in the Swiss Valleys till it’s time to leave. It’s amazing how beautifully slow life moves up here-none of that city rush…I feel soul nourished sitting back, watching this scene!

switzerland, flowers, travel

switzerland, flowers


47.0000° N, 9.5000° E

The Grand Resort

Wahlkreis of Sarganserland

St. Gallen Switzerland

This was my respite….I didn’t go into the  SPA, but sat in the Cafe and read, well, visually scanned through some stunning German magazines! As much as I’ve enjoyed being with the children, I needed some time to recharge my creativity and get some me-time. The children and my husband absolutely loved the thermal waters and treatments, and could not get enough of it. Even the children had the most amazing time! 😉 A little tip, go after 7.30 Pm, it’s virtually half price!

The lovely staff brought me coffees on the house as I chatted with the owner about what in his opinion was Switzerland’s unique offering pitted against it’s neighbours. It was an enlightening chat that gave me a peek into the Swiss mind – I don’t usually get to talk about anti- immigration, nationalism and an abject aversion to losing one’s cultural identity. I had to appreciate the honesty and that it was “business, not personal!” Despite the very intense conversation, he did make sure that I was made to feel very at home at the spa 😉

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains, tamina therme, grand resort
Tamina Therme, Grand Resort. Bad Ragaz
travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains, tamina therme, grand resort, spa
Tamina Therme, Grand Resort. Bad Ragaz
Tamina Therme, Grand Resort. Bad Ragaz
Tamina Therme, Grand Resort. Bad Ragaz

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains, tamina therme, spa


 52.1667° N, 1.0000° E

Suffolk, East England.

United Kingdom

And back! I took this pic driving home from Stansted Airport. Back to the familiar sights of airport cafeteria pies and tea, to familiar voices and signs in a language I understand! Home is where we say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ unwittingly and apologize for things we know we haven’t done! 😉 Home is where we queue…religiously! 🙂 My bed feels strange, and there seems to be that all-familiar longing that coils itself around my thoughts again ; a restlessness that the water and the mountains filled all these days! So until the next time I’m off chasing some spangled chimera- I will always be haunted by thoughts of a mist-drenched elsewhere!

travel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, wanderlust, road trip, mountains
Suffolk Farms!

I would especially like to thank Elisabeth from Lebe Leiber Langsam (live and love slowly, from what I understand) for the vast input I’ve had from her on Austria! Elisabeth is Austrian who now lives with her husband and twin sons in Denmark! She writes honestly about family life, meaningful living and the creative process – subjects that completely resonate with me so I highly recommend that you check out her blog. I have such a crush on her writing! 😉

I’d also like to thank Emma from A Bavarian Sojourn for her fab restaurant reccos in Munich and Sabine from _housefrau, who describes herself as a German living in Australia (on a mountain behind the sea) and blogs at Meet The Local, for being my German muse. 😉 Sabine takes lovely photographs and has a keen interest in meaningful community living! Thank you Daniel Simm, for the meticulous planning, and all-around great company! Dan is a part of our family, my photography guru and go-to tech geek… I owe so much of this blog to him! You can find his version of the holiday on his blog  Daniel Simm. 🙂 xxx

And finally, because nothing is complete in my life without some music, here is our Mountain Playlist! This will for a while transport me to our rental car on the wrong side of the road, winding through mountain roads. 🙂  If you’re of similar mind, you might enjoy a tune or two! xx




  1. says

    What a fantastic post. Love the photos, it really is a beautiful part of the world isn’t it? So glad you had a lovely time, it sounds fantastic! 🙂 Emma x

  2. says

    It was unbelievably gorgeous, it’s going to take us a few weeks to adjust back to routine and reality! Ah, well…we’ll just have to start planning another soon 😉 Thank you for being available to discuss ideas and being so generous toward me! Xx

  3. Haya Benjaminson says

    An indescribably beautiful post — not that I expect anything other than that from you! Poignant writing and stunning images, Kanchan. I’m glad you’ve got to do something you’ve had your heart on for a very long time. I’m sure Maia would have been very proud of you! Loads of love from your Godmother for now. X

  4. says

    No pressure then, I suppose ;P Haha, I do my best- glad I manage to reach you, Hayaleh! Thank you for putting it in my heart to want to see these places, it was worth the wait. Increasingly I feel I should’ve named one of the girls after mom 🙂 Nice to have her mentioned, gosh, it’s been a long time. xx

  5. Lorraine Seb says

    This is such a beautiful, beautiful post. You took me there with you, Kanch! Ten days on the road with little children is no mean feat, and they’ve apparently had the greatest of times too from what I see on your Facebook. Plain fantastic, lady, and as always I remain your biggest fan! You’re my only and biggest blog crush 😉 Stay smiling. XO

  6. says

    Stop reminding me, my home feels strange and distant now 🙂 It was seriously one of the most fab holidays of my life, and I’ve travelled a fair bit, I’d say!!! The girls were fab, we took breaks and the nice thing about Europe is that distance is a bit better as compared to the US. Speaking of which, I have this mild, but growing interest to come over and do the south…I have family there, but you game for Louisiana, Tennessee, the Ozarks? ;P

  7. says

    What a wonderful post, thank you for sharing your wonderful holiday. I have been to some of these places myself, but with work so I didn’t get to share their beauty in quite the same way. I know what you mean about Salzburg I did take pictures but they were full of people often obscuring most of what I was trying to take a picture of!
    sustainablemum recently posted…StrawberriesMy Profile

  8. says

    So pleased I managed to remind of your own experience of Austria, and finally, someone who doesn’t think I’m an abject control-freak for not posting pics of Salzburg and Vienna! I must’ve been one of the shortest people there at my 5’4.5″, I managed the worst pics at ground level! Mountains put short people at an advantage! ;P Always a pleasure to hear from you @sustainable mum xx

  9. Roopa says

    What a lovely post Kanch! Absolutely delightful reading. The pictures took my breath away 🙂 I’m glad you had an awesome holiday!

  10. says

    Roops, it was about a million times better than the pictures, actually look at Dan’s, that’s closer to reality, he has better kit than I do and so much more talented 🙂 x

  11. says

    Aww, thank you Hannah! I can really run away with my thoughts…buy yeah, I did part of it for my mum’s memory, she was such a traveller at heart! 🙂 x

  12. Ritu says

    This made for an absolutely delightful read Kanch, and the pictures are breathtaking! So happy you had a wonderful holiday.

  13. says

    That’s put the biggest smile on my face, Ritu! The reality was such brilliance, I’ve just captured a fraction via my pictures. Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂 xx

  14. sammybaby77 says

    Love the way you’ve nerded out on the co-ordinates for each place, it’s the movie buff in you! ;p Gorgeous imagery, I can just see that playlist work going through those mountain roads. Fabulous post that just transported me. Well done on another fabulous write!

  15. says

    Haha…someone noticed, did you also hear the keys typing them out on screen? My scripting days revisited, telling yer- you’re never too far from the past! 😉 Glad you left here pleased x

  16. says

    I just love your writing, Kanchan! And your pictures! So wonderful to see my country through your eyes, and I’m honoured that I was able to provide a bit of advice. After reading I’m itching to travel to Austria myself, but I’ll have to wait until autumn break mid October.
    Your post is fabulous, and you are fantastic at evoking those feelings of awe and amazement, when looking at the enormity of the alps. It’s funny how the sea and the mountains wake the same and yet completely different feelings, isn’t it?
    Thanks for the mention! xx

  17. says

    Thank you Elisabeth- I feel conscious of how this post must come across to someone who belongs there, mine will always be the ‘outside’ perspective! Faced with this magnificence, I constantly wondered what it must feel like to have grown up there…I come from city sights and sounds, of Chinese food at 3 am and traffic at 5! It’s a diametrically opposite experience. I’m glad that you liked it and thank you for the words of praise, it made me smile! Your input was invaluable, I can’t thank you enough for that! 🙂 I still have some places in Vienna (Melk) that I would like to go to, especially the monastry. Soon… 🙂 I look forward to reading your posts about Austria and being transported to the inside world of what will always be the most beautiful country of all for me! 😉 xx

  18. says

    You HAVE to go Jen, gosh, you’ll never regret it! 🙂 Thank you for liking the pics, they really were no effort…I had great raw material! x

  19. says

    Aw, this reminds me of the choir trip I went on at 15yo with school to Austria. We stayed near Salzburg, went to the salt mines and recognise so many of the places you mentioned. It really was wonderful, although I’m not sure my teenage self appreciated it that much.

    Amazing photos as usual.
    Emma T recently posted…Trendy Tot Thursday – Rainbow Joules boyMy Profile

  20. says

    I hope you get to do that road trip, Shell! 🙂 I can understand completely because we put ours off for similar reasons, but at 7.5 and 6, they’re about ready to take on some adventure! x

  21. says

    I remember travelling with my family as a teenager, seeing wonders of the world and being less than enthusiastic about it all! The joys of teenage 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Emma and thank you for your lovely words! xx

  22. Faiza says

    Hey Kanchan, it was nice to read about your experience from this part of the world. I insist that Amit bring you and the kids to stay with us for a couple of days in Zürich and check out all the other wonderful countrysides from here. It is a very small country after all (Switzerland) but like every other place on earth, you have to really live it, savour the moments a bit longer and sometimes pictures still don’t do justice to an experience in whole. So see you soon!

  23. says

    Faisa, that is so sweet and kind! It would be awesome to take you up on your offer and see the place through the eyes of a local! 🙂 And similarly, I hope you’ll let us know if you’re ever in our part of the world….our doors are very open to you! ❤️

  24. says

    Thank you Laura! We did quite a few places that we’re deep in the mountains and let me tell you, it was totally worth it. Increasingly I believe it was the holiday of my life 🙂 xx

  25. says

    Nell, so glad you enjoyed the post and thank you for your lovely words! 🙂 my chat with the Swiss man was surreal, but enlightening 😉 he was a lovely chap…haha! I’d return in a heartbeat, part two is very much on the cards. X


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