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Hello Reader!

I suppose if I have to ask you to take my blog into your ‘space’, I owe you an introduction to myself so you know what you’re likely to find around ‘my little domain’

For as much as I would like to see myself, and my family as one who have it all together, the truth remains that I’m as far from this picture of apple-cheeked-TV-resistant children with happy chappy names (who say please and thank you and always finish what’s on their plate), as I am to ever polishing my five-irons and earning a six-figure salary off my blog!!

I do however, swear by my hairdresser! 😀

Whilst I might not be the type that can speak inexhaustively about the myriad hues of fuschia, and tries really hard to believe that Orange is indeed, the new black; I’m really the sort of or-din-ary person that looks at the or-din-ary world and is often filled with an extraordinary sense of elation! (That might just be the new definition for “I’m a bore who manages to go through life easily pleased!”)

My inspiration is often nothing grander than a cup of coffee that I spent three concentrated minutes making, for no other reason other than I’m worth it!

I take comfort in the fact that I’m not a born winner, I have to work doubly hard for my success and that often, the only thing standing in my way, is me! It comforts me that I might actually be in an “Old-boys-club” with the likes of Bridget Jones, who would never have made the box office history she did if she wasn’t something that represented a generous statistic. The story of a woman, single, battling with her weight, her over-indulgences, her career – all flying in the face of the perfectionism that is so characteristic of what we’ve come to expect of ourselves.

I do often dream about moving at a gentle speed toward a Utopia powered by the sound of a certain 4×4! Of jolly sunlit picnics at the brink of happening and last minute holidays to lands flowing with Taramasalata and Glogg – in that order.  I also realize that the skilled hardly ever make the battle now, do they?! But despite every failed cake and curry that I’ve had, and knowing that any expedition that I undertake is often in the face of some serious odds- I boldly carry on.  Now this is hardly lacking gumption or true grit 🙂 !

This blog is my shorthand for the life I lead, it’s as real and as grounded as I am.  I don’t believe people are born with innate talent; success is a result of hard work! In most things that I’ve undertaken, I’ve gone ahead with the need to convert challenges into strengths ( for if you landed up with a epic-fail-of-a-meal, you reason that’s probably what necessitated the creation of beer …)

I ask for you to approach my thoughts with lightness and humour, and that if I ever get it flesh-creepingly wrong, to let me know as gently as you can! I am after all, a new blogger approaching a six-month trajectory into cyberspace, chatting to herself!  😀

And because I really am a fun person and want you to know me at a glance,  I’ve put together this little mosaic:

In a nutshell:

  • I’m Kanchan Char (you get 10 tries at remembering that!)
  • I’m a dedicated and busy mother of two girls, and sometimes mothered by the same.
  • An avid reader, with an uncontrollable imagination
  • A writer, something of a photographer (and now blogger!)
  • Torn completely between my love of convenient city life and gently quaint country life.
  • People lover, personality observer.

What we like [YAY!]

  • Retrochic
  • Clean design (Mostly Scandinavian & Mid-century American)
  • Black and White all things
  • Home-made, because I never get that right! Two left spatulas, you see..
  • The Arts – Leonard Cohen. Chagall. Almodóvar. Guadagnino. Cuarón.

What we don’t like [NAY!]

  • Eight-legged-things!  😉

As I said, easily pleased 😀

I hope with all my heart that you’ll be with T.I.M for the long haul…Happy Reading. X



  1. Reshma Lulla says

    Hey, this is an absolutely fantastic blog you’ve created
    Though i am not much into reading, I’d still like to say that all your posts are incredible and the blog has a fantastic feel…loved each bit of it!

  2. says

    Catching up on your blog after an absence of a few weeks – some great new posts Kanchan – love your thoughts on introversion; and on design. I also like your new “about me” section. Will return again to read more soon. It’s always a pleasure.

  3. says

    Love this introduction and instantly feel that I will love your blog! Looking forward to reading more. From an equally easily pleaded hater of the eight legged variety!xx

  4. Intrepid Misadventurer says

    Thank you Hannah, I feel like I’ve known you longer than 5 minutes, hahah! I really look forward to reading about you and yours…I hope we bump into each other often! Thank you for stopping by. xx

  5. Intrepid Misadventurer says

    Thank you so much! I’m so glad you stopped by…I’ll be popping around yours later today too. xx

  6. says

    What a great introduction to you and your blog! It is great to find out more about you. Well done for being shortlisted in 2 categories of the BIBs! Mel #PoCoLo

  7. says

    Hi Kanchan, Love your introduction to yourself. I am a huge Leonard Cohen fan too. And Almodovar. And Woody … You have great taste ! Well done on your double BiB nominations and hope to see you at the party on Friday if not before xJo

  8. Kanchan Char says

    Hey Jo…firstly, it’s great to have you on here and yay that you and I have so much in common! I love another Cohen/Almodvar and Woody Allen fan 😀 Great that we’ll get to meet in person at BML, I’m terribly excited and it’s my first time too! x

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