Like Rain on Warm Scented Earth!

*This post was especially inspired by  The Reading Residence‘s campaign about Bringing Back Paper!* 🙂

I wish nothing ever comes along to make me stop enjoying or respecting the smell of rain of warm, scented earth! Where am I going with this? I’ll tell you..It made me chuckle to myself when some friends around me were talking about how technology has robbed man of some of his core skillsets – how true actually! Made me also think of Neil Young’s “They give you this, but you pay for that” in his famed My My, hey hey! There are no free lunches in this world!

“Autopilot counterproductive as pilots scale down on skills.” ” Motorists incapacitated to read international traffic-markers as a result of over-reliance of satellite navigation!” You can stretch those headlines to about as far back as “Hard, big-bearded man loses aim with spear as soft-around-the- edges man settles in to chow down a pot of cooked grain!” You win some, you lose some… I’m not yearning to go back to being timid gatherer valued for spatial awareness and childbearing- all too yabba dabba doo for me! 😛 But, I do remember being known amongst my teachers for my handwriting, it was so important in the ’80’s and early ’90’s to write well and you still had your ‘character’ assessed through it.  I now hold my pen pretty much as I would a club. My writing is rubbish, and I hold out no hope of my children ever writing beautifully either, their character’s likely to be judged by their stash of video games!

paper, eco-friendly, lost art, handwriting, email destroys penmanship, unbleached recycled paper
Eco-friendly paper 🙂

We’ve lost the art of penmanship..finding some of my parents’ love letters before they were married was nothing but awkward, but reminded me of just how beautiful it might’ve been to get a handwritten letter by someone who meant the world to you! 🙂 I had to be gentle with the paper, it  is after all 46 yrs old. I lost my parents a while back and so creepy or not, I often go back to reading their innocence and the way they loved each other! They were both teenagers when they wrote them and hardly the parents I remember as being quite emotionally stoic. There is definitely something lost with us having given up on paper; handwriting is probably the least..  A newspaper in Shenyang recently featured a whole front page that was entirely handwritten to emphasize that it’s becoming a crisis.  Imagine losing the ability to write lovely Mandarin characters or Japanese Kanji!

Whilst I understand and wholly support the need to reduce paper use, and would not dream of wasting it in any form (I’ve written a fair few words about preserving the environment here on my blog) so I’m not recanting; there are several eco-friendly varieties available (unbleached recycled is one of my favourites) for a quiet day, when I find it enriching to write a bit by hand, illustrate, do caligraphy…if only for my children to read, hold on to…cherish or even just be plain embarassed by! 😉  It’s leaving them a  small gift from the past like what my parents left behind for me ! x

Some things to keep in mind while we use paper responsibly:


Use both sides


Buy recycled

Look out for treeless paper, cotton, hemp, bamboo…paper made from wood only started in the 1800’s

Use old newspapers as wrapping paper with a string…very shabby-chic! 🙂

Petrichor- the smell of the mingling of rain and earth is one that is ancient and simultaneously in the moment – galvanizing time! It’s said to be one of the most powerful endorphin releasers found in nature whose effect on people has remained constant. We give, we take, we barter our skills continually to the unending drumroll of time…somethings are too important, too human, too beautiful to give up on…and penmanship for me, is one of the flagbearers of that list! Let’s never give up on our own “Rain on Warm Scented Earth!”

paper, eco-friendly, lost art, handwriting, email destroys penmanship, unbleached recycled paper
Eco-friendly paper!

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  1. says

    Oh, how lovely to find your parents’ love letters! And yes, it would be nice to pass on something, too. I write to my children on the night of their birthdays each year, so I’m hoping they’ll appreciate that when they’re older – awful handwriting and all!
    Thanks so much for sharing with #PaperyPeep

  2. says

    Beautiful photos. I love Orla Kiely designs and spots, too! I would buy everything you have on those stunning shots! Mel #BringBackPaper

  3. says

    ‘petrichor’ is one of my favourite words- it is such an apt word for such a beautiful, memory-stirring smell.

    I still tend to write notes, lists, letters, postcards, diaries (despite my over-dependence on the laptop/phone/tablet), and while I’m still fairly comfortable writing and it’s still fairly neat writing, it is still as tiny as it used to be. I don’t think that’ll ever change- no matter how many times I got yelled at about it at school and university 🙂

  4. says

    I think it is so lovely that you found your parents Love Letters. I can’t see people now a days keeping a special text for years. Doesn’t have the same appeal does it.

  5. says

    Great post.

    I despair over my writing nowadays, I struggle to even sign my name (not that my writing was that neat years ago given I’m a leftie)

    Must be lovely to read old letters. I’ve not found anything of my mum/dad’s going through her stuff, I guess the nearest is all the old family photos.

  6. says

    How wonderful to find your parents’ letters all those years later. When my grandmother died a few years ago every single letter I had written to her was found in her papers. We had been writing to each other regularly for over thirty years! I miss the writing still, the giving and receiving of letters, although I still write to people I rarely receive letters back.

    Handwriting in schools in the 80s was important we were only allowed to write with fountain pens at both schools I went to, primary and secondary definitely no biros at all. Sounds so dated now………….

  7. Intrepid Misadventurer says

    One word to sum up parent’s love letters – creepy! 😛 But so glad I found them…they make me laugh, people loved differently in the ’60’s! I’m determined to write and leave tatty notes and other funny things for my girls! It’s going to be so outdated by then, it might just be loved and preserved for it’s antiquity! 🙂 Thanks ladies for your lovely comments! xx

  8. says

    I love the smell of rain on warm earth – it’s so invigorating, and you have reminded me of the lost art of letter writing. When I was a teenager, I used to write letters to so many pen friends I’d met on holidays…. and I am shocked to see how scrawly my hand writing has now become with my fingers on the type pad instead!

  9. says

    How wonderful to have something written by your parents. My grandmother still writes to me and I keep all her letters and hope to someday put them in frames.

    I like your tips on using paper responsibly. My kids actually use quite a bit of it and it drives me crazy sometimes. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  10. Intrepid Misadventurer says

    Thank you for stopping by, Erlene… ditto re children wasting! I’m getting there..thinking up ways to minimise waste. Sometimes I think blogging about ‘green’ subjects helps me stay focussed so I practice what I preach. A long way to go before I make it an artform…
    Framing the letters is such a beautiful option…aww, I can imagine the words that I’ll try to highlight 🙂 I’m a hopeless ronantic sometimes! xx

  11. says

    My parents refuse to show me their love letters, even though I know where the suitcase full of them is. You’re so right about forgotten arts. I don’t know if those sorts of paper types exist in India but I remember my dad used to spiral bind his old print outs so I could use the other side as a book. The other day, at a school fair, I saw some students do the same. I suppose we are getting environmentally conscious, a little bit at a time.

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